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Chairman’s Message

Emanating from the need for growth and expansion in the Industrial field in the State of Kuwait, we took the mission in safat Industries Holding company to seek with steady efforts all our best to satisfy the needs of the Local and regional market.

After several years passed since the incorporation of our Company, we are now occupying a prestigious status and good reputation, and proved that we are among those companies which left indispensable fingerprints in the local market.

Our adopting of the Islamic Provsions in all our Industrial activities made us a point of trust and honesty for all our Customers and partners, we were always a leaders in keeping pace with innovation and the recent Technologies and science developments in the Industrial field to provide more services in addition to geographical expansion of our investments and Customers.

And now, year after another we are we stood firmly and advance for more success in order to bring flourish to the Industrial field in Kuwait, also we are always concern with achieving outstanding status in all our services, in each field we go through we left a good reputation.

We promise all our Customers to go ahead for more leading position and dedication, to be always up to their confidence, because they are behind each success we achieve.

Finally we pray for God almighty to bless our efforts to serve our beloved country Kuwait under the Leadership of H.H the Amir and the crown Prince and H.H. the prime minister.

Talal Zaben AL-Hathal