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Our Message

Our message in Safat Industries Holding Company aims to provide the highest quality of industrial Services, also we continuously seek to improve the quality of our products to cope with the markets demands.

also we are looking continuously to provide creative Industrial services in all Fields, the Strategy of expansion which is motivating us is not of geographical aspect only, but we seek expansion through adding more industries to our assets to have a higher status with all our Customers with whom we deal as partners in order to build strong ties and achieve the aimed results.

The Company also managed to operate a group of industrial Companies in the Fields of Printing , Chemicals, paints, paper, and carpet to be a major support in such sectors through a set of certain strategic steps:

  • Direct investments in the Industrial Sector and the acquisition of distinguished Investment chances
  • incorporate , possessing and operation of Industrial companies in the Region to diversify the Income sources and minimize risks in general
  • Investmnet according to International Standards which shall effectively contribute in the selection of investment in the Industrial Sector
  • Study the total offer and demand on the different industries which the Company shall go through to avoid staggered investments
  • Access with strategic investors to ensure investment in huge projects which have rewarding incomes
  • Maintain a fixed level of Growth and revenues

The industrial projects of the Company are not limited to Kuwait only but extend to all GCC Countries and Asia according to the expansion plan of the Board of Directors which include staff of large experience in the Industry and Investments.

The Company has associations with several Institutions of good reputation which provide the company with the necessary Consultation services in all the local , regional and International plans and projects.