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Our Vision

We, in Safat Industries Holding Company are looking to be a leading Company in all industrial Fields, also we set up a strategy based on our long experience in the Industrial investment.

Thanks to the efforts of the Board of Directors, the executive Management and all employees who have the long experience in innovating, development and expanding the Company’s activities to reach several industries which shall have positive impact not on the State of Kuwait only, but on all the GCC Countries , through building a network of relations with Customers, fostering the Cooperation with our shareholders, employees and the whole staff to emphasize our concern to have a high quality products according to the International Standards.

The Company’s Vision aims also for more Geographical expansion at the regional level through shareholding in a leading local , gulf and Arabian Companies in the Industrial Investmnet of all types . it is worth mentioning that the said Companies achived significant successes at the local and regional levels.