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Welcome in Safat Industries Holding Co.

Safat Industries Holding Company is a Kuwaiti Stock Company (Closed) based in State of Kuwait, incorporated in 2002 as Company with Limited Liability then the Corporate entity was converted to a Holding company in 2005 in order to search for new investment opportunities, as the Company is focusing on investment in the Industrial sector in the State of Kuwait, GCC and Asia.

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Our Vision

We, in Safat Industries Holding Company are looking to be a leading Company in all industrial Fields, also we set up a strategy based on our long experience in the Industrial investment.

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Our Message

Our message in Safat Industries Holding Company aims to provide the highest quality of industrial Services, also we continuously seek to improve the quality of our products to cope with the markets demands.

also we are looking continuously to provide creative Industrial services in all Fields, the Strategy of expansion which is motivating us is not of geographical aspect only, but we seek expansion through adding more industries to our assets to have a higher status with all our Customers with whom we deal  as partners in order to build strong ties and achieve the aimed results.

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